How To Pay Off Debt Fast

The longer debt is ignored, the more it grows. High interest rates on loans, credit cards and other forms of credit can lead to the amount of money owed being much larger than the original amount borrowed. It is therefore important to pay off debt as fast as possible. Learning how to pay off debt fast can be the start of a debtor getting their financial affairs in order in the long-term.

Increase Income

Temporarily increasing income can help a person to pay off debt in fewer installments than if they were paying it out of their regular monthly income. By getting a second job in the evenings or on weekends, a debtor can boost their salary by a few dollars, which can make all the difference when budgeting to pay a debt off. To get more work quickly, register with temp agencies that can provide job candidates with temporary work at short notice. Alternatively, ask friends and families if they know of any available temporary jobs instead of wasting precious time searching internet job boards for suitable vacancies.


If there are several debts that need paying off, prioritize the ones with the highest interest rates, as these are the debts that are growing the fastest. If necessary, get a credit card that allows users to transfer balances with high interest rates, but be sure that this card has a low interest rate of its own. If a credit card balance transfer is not an option for the debtor, they should temporarily cut back on a few areas of expenditure so they can afford to pay off the high-interest debt as soon as possible. Although they may find this hard to do, it is worth it in order to take the pressure off themselves and remains a sterling example of how to pay off debt fast.

Debt Snowball

Financial advisors often mention the ‘debt snowball’ when advising on how to pay off debt fast. If all the debts have similar interest rates, prioritize by paying off the smaller balances first. Doing this motivates debtors to stick with their debt plan and eventually pay off the larger debts, because when they see that they are able to pay off their small debts, they start feeling better about their situation. This does not mean that the larger debts should be completely neglected to start with. Continue to pay the minimum installments for all debts, but pay larger installments on the smallest debt to clear it quickly. Repeat the pattern with the next smallest debt until all balances are cleared.

Budget Tool

People sometimes struggle to organize their debt plans properly because they are notproficient at budgeting; using an online budget tool can help. These interactive tools invite users to input information such as monthly income, monthly expenditure, amount of debt and number of dependents, and then they will automatically calculate how much debt the user can afford to pay off each month. Such tools can show even the most inept financial planner how to pay off debt fast. To save money, use a free budget tool and avoid the ones that require a paid subscription.

When trying to work out how to pay off debt fast, a lot of people forget that planning and organization are very important. By taking the time to come up with a debt plan and effective strategies beforehand, a debtor will ultimately take less time to pay off what they owe.